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Q. Do you offer terms?
A. Yes. We offer 6 months same as cash with no interest through the use of Paypal's 'Bill Me Later' service. It's easy and it only takes seconds to apply during checkout. CLICK HERE for more information.

Q. How long does the process take after I place my order?
A. Our design team will contact you within a day or two after you place your initial order. The design process time can vary depending on if you want a custom design, supply your own artwork or choose one of our templates but generally won't take more a few days. You will receive a label proof you will have to approve before we print and label your order. Once the label is proofed it is sent out within 2-4 days. Most of our customers receive their product a couple weeks after ordering. Re-orders ship within a couple of days since we already have your label on file.

Q. How many labels do I need to order when placing my order?
A. Only one label per template is needed. You do not need to add one for every bottle. You can even order multiple products and order a single label if the labels are all the same. We will automatically change things like ingredients, nutritional facts, etc. based on the product the label goes on. However, if you would like separate art or descriptions on each product, then please order a label for each product.

Q. Can you sell bottles without labels?
A. No, we have to ship bottles with labels applied providing all of the nutritional facts and ingredient information per FDA regulations.

Q. What information has to be on the label?
A. Per FDA requirements we must have the nutrition facts, ingredients, volume of sauce, and our logo on the label so products can be traced back to plant of manufacture if need be.

Q. Can I buy your products in other sized bottles?
A. Yes. We also offer 1.75 oz bottles and 55 gallon drums for special orders. Please contact us for minimums and more information regarding special orders.

Q. Can you make my sauce for me?
A. Yes! Branded Sauces can make your sauce and also offer our products under your brand to expand your offering. The minimums are larger (generally 35 gallons or more) and each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis. We are not currently equipped to do anything with meat. Contact us for more info.

Q. What is the minimum order per product?
A. 48 Bottles.

Q. I want to design my own label. Where can I get label templates and what formats are available?
A. Templates are available in Illustrator CS2 and PDF formats. Email for a template.

Q: If I submit a completed label file, but there still needs to be minor adjustments, will I be charged for those adjustments made by the designer?
A. If the adjustments are minor, such as moving an object in the label one way or another, or dropping in nutritional information, no. If there are major changes such as adding a new image, changing colors, or changing the size of the label (re-formatting for a different product), then there are change fees starting at $25.00.

Q. Can I put anything I want on the labels?
A. We reserve the right to refuse printing labels due to content. Nudity, profanity, and other sensitive materials are subject to refusal. Please contact us if you have any questions or for specific feedback regarding your label idea.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US.

Thank you,

The Branded Sauces Team